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All New SCR888 Casino | SCR888 Malaysia Online

scr888 casino


The Most Popular Online Casino: SCR888

What is the SCR888? SCR888 is an online gambling site where you can place bets with real money. Some of the most exciting online casino games which you will find here include the live table slot games, popular slot games, race betting slot and much more. However, the top favorite games in SCR888 casino are always the slot games and the arcade games for all your gambling needs. There is basically limitless amount of choices for you to choose from when you bet in SCR888. The SCR888 online casino brand is also well-known as the most popular online gambling site in the Malaysia. With its debut of only a year, they have quickly become the market leader for all online slot games in Malaysia.
Most of the online casino can be supported on your gaming devices such as desktop, tablet and also smartphone. SCR888 casino on the other hand will only be supported by the smart phone and the tablet. As long as you are connected to the internet, you will be able to enjoy all the games in SCR888 casino. Besides, it will be much more convenient to use the smart phone to gain access to SCR888 casino. As a result, you will be able to play the games anytime anywhere as you like.

Mode Played in SCR888 Online Casino

There are two different modes offered by SCR888 casino, offline mode and online mode. In the offline mode, you are able to play solo without other players disturbing your games but it is still play with the real money, all of the casino games can be played as the offline mode especially the slot games.
Next, the online mode is the mode you able to play with other players with a same game but no idea who are they (no AI). But that’s not much of the online mode games in the SCR888 casino, they only offer table games and arcade games like the Baccarat, Sic Bo, Racing Car, Battle World and so on. In the online mode, they installed timer into the games, it will fair to every players to start the game on time.
The slot games are not added into the online mode is because slot allowed to play alone only.

The Most Popular Games

In the SCR888 casino, the players are seeking the games type they want to. Some of them are searching for the slot, table game or arcade. With this three type of the casino games, SCR888 had installed the famous games in their site.

Slot Games

The most played games in the SCR888 casino is the slot games. Slot game is the most simple way to play in the casino games, it only has to place the wager on each line and spin waiting to Big Win. But to play with the slot game, do not and ever get attract by the graphic or logo of the game, it may offer the lower payout or too much of lines. The SCR888 players are always seeking for the higher payout and progressive slot not the graphic of the slot. There are some slots with imperfect graphic but that’s still high ranking played games in the SCR888, Highway King, Great Blue, Bonus Bear and others. That three slot games are the most famous slot in the SCR888 online casino.

Highway King

Highway King is not offering any bonus games and only 9 lines, but the lines more less the wager you can set higher to get higher payout as the all of the RTP of slots are the same. The Highway King winning combination is pay from the both side, which is rare to found.
Great Blue
Great Blue is popular because of, the wild symbol of the game will appear in the group to make the substitution some more given x2 multiplier. Once you have trigger the grouped wild, wait for the Super Big Win.
Bonus Bear
Bonus Bear is offering the best bonus game ever so far I tried. Once the screen appear three or more scatter symbol will trigger their bonus game. The game is to choose 1 out of 5 trees for the bear to climb and find the honey pot until the beehive found and end game. Each honey pot is containing the different cash prizes.
Once you trigger the bonus games in Bonus Bear, the minimum winning cash prizes is around $100.

Arcade Video Games

It is the video unlike the slot games, it is the goal for you to guess whether which symbol will appear in the game. Arcade game is the interesting casino games with their sound effect and the great payout. There many arcade games in the SCR888, but only two are the famous ones, Monkey Thunderbolt and Battle World.

Monkey Thunderbolt

This is to guess which monkey will win in the next racing out of 6 monkeys. The higher probability of winning the race is who is the lightest and ability to climb the rope faster. The winning prizes of the bet can up to x1,000.

Battle World

Battle World arcade game we also called as Wukong in the land casino. It is the most famous arcade game in the land casino, always crowded around the machine. As which of the symbols are high payout with many features to triggered. Their feature always lead to big win.
The arcade games is fresh style of the casino game to the casino players.

Table Game

Table game are the most common casino in the world, even land casino has a lot of the table games to serve. In the SCR888 online casino, they also offer many different table like Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Roulette and others. Most of the table games in the SCR888 casino is play with the offline and online mode.


In the SCR888 Online Casino, that’s having a lot of the progressive jackpot slot, it can be won at any conclusion of the game randomly, the more you play the more chance you win. SCR888 is the higher payout online gamblig site ever, play smart to win the prizes from the SCR888 online casino now.

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