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How to Double Down in Blackjack for Maximum Profit?


Blackjack Winning Strategy

The game of blackjack has been one of the most well-known casino game in the history of gambling. When betting in blackjack, there are many strategies where you can employ to gain the maximum benefits for every wager that you place. The experienced blackjack players are well known for their ability to use the blackjack strategy to gain advantage and increase their chances of winning in their game.
In fact, most of these strategies can be found online and one of the most useful strategies would involve the ‘Double Down’ strategy. By using this strategy, you may easily improve your overall payouts with the winning hands.

Double Down Strategy

On the other hand, the new players or beginner in blackjack may not be well aware of this option and how to use them effectively. When you choose to utilize the ‘Double Down’ strategy, it may even cause you to deplete your funds quickly since this option would require you to have a bigger bet amount. In order win big from the game of blackjack, let’s have a look at some of the situation whereby you can use this strategy.

When to use the Double Down?

There is definitely no right or wrong situation when it comes to using the double down option. In the ideal situation, a player with a hand of 11 should always double down. You need to bear in mind that more than 50% of the cards in a standard deck will be worth a value of 8 or more. Therefore, you would have a 50% chance of creating a hand of 19 or better.
Irrespective to the card shown by the dealer, any hand that totals 11 should be double down as well. In some situation when the hand is a 10 or less, this type of hand is much weaker for the player. In this kind of situation, you should only double down when the dealer has a weak card showing. When given a hand of 10 or less, you should only use the double down option when the dealer has 9 or less.

Split or Double Down?

Casino players should also take note that in some cases, it would be more beneficial to double down than to split. This would be especially true with a pair of fives. Another alternative to splitting would be to double the hand which has a value of 10.
In the situation, whereby the dealer has an Ace, it will count as 11 automatically. Whenever the players have a hand of 9, you should only double when the dealer shows a 6 or less. If you are looking out for the opportunity to take advantage of the dealer weaker hand, just remember that the weakest card for the dealer will be 5 and 6. Generally, the players should never double when their hand is 8 or less or 12 or more.


In the event where you are doubling down, you are required to have an additional bet. This can be the most profitable decision you have ever make when you use the double down strategy at the right time. By knowing when the dealer has a weak hand and when to double down, you will always be in a better position at the betting table. Learning to do so will lead you to have more chances of collecting big winnings. The double down strategy can certainly be used in many game variations and it is one of the most powerful strategy used by the professionals in the game of blackjack.

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