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online casino bonus

Online Casino Bonus

Online Casino Bonus is a widely used term in the online casino industry. What exactly is the online casino bonus? Well, it is a promotional tool that is used by most online casinos to attract more casino players to join their online gambling platform. Given the high competition among the online casinos, you may come across many great online casino bonuses with a promotional bonus as high as 300% on your initial deposits. Online casino bonus is one of the most effective tools that are used to attract casino players. For example, casino players who deposit $100 into the online casino will be rewarded with another $100 under the 100% online casino bonus promotion.
The casino bonus is not something common in the land casino. In the most occasion, the land casino does not reward casino players with any casino bonus at all. However, this is not a surprise as this is not a common practice in the land casino. With the popularity of the online casino bonus, many land casino players are actually making the switch to the online casino as their main gambling platform.
The online casino bonus is actually a very useful tool when it comes to placing your bets. With a bigger online casino bonus, the casino players will get more value for every deposit that they made into their online casino account. Besides that, the casino players will also get to place more bets or bigger bets for bigger winnings on their wager. The online casino bonus has many advantages and the best part is that every casino players are entitled to it without any restrictions. By getting the online casino bonus, the casino players have already won something in great value even before they made their first bet.
There is various form of casino bonuses that are available for the casino players. Here is a list of some common types of casino bonus that you will come across whenever you visit an online casino.

Sign-up Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus is offered by the most online casino. Casino players are able to claim this type of bonus when they first join the online casino. The Welcome Bonus is a form of appreciation from the online casino and it would have the biggest value as compared to the other casino bonus. This is because the Welcome Bonus is usually used as the main promotional tool to attract new casino players. However, the only downside for the welcome bonus is that casino players may only claim it once as the welcome bonus is only offered to the new casino players.

Promotion Bonus

The promotional bonus is mostly offered by new online casinos. Usually, this type of bonus would only be available for a limited time period. Similar to the welcome bonus, the promotional bonus is also used as a way to attract new casino players. By doing so, the newly formed online casino would have a surge in registered members and these casino players would be an important asset for the online casino in the long run. Apart from that, a well established online casino would also use the promotional bonus in some special occasion to reward existing members and attract new casino members.

No deposit bonus

This type of bonus would require no deposit from the casino players. In fact, they are offering free credits for the casino players to gamble in their platform free of cost. However, the amount that is claimable under the no deposit bonus would be small and would have a limited sum of money. This no deposit bonus is normally offered to experienced casino players that are thinking to make a switch to another online casino platform. The no deposit bonus would allow them a risk-free way to try out other casino platforms. Besides that, some online casino also offers the no deposit bonus for players to participate in more advanced casino games. This would allow the casino players to test out others casino games without the additional deposit.

Referral bonus

After signing up an account and claiming the bonus with an online casino, the existing member also gets to claim additional rewards through the referral bonus from the online casino. This is based on the assumption that the existing casino players would have other friends who prefer to place their bet in the online casino as well and they might be placing their bets with another online casino. Through the online casino referral program, the casino players get to claim additional rewards while their friends get to try out new online casino platform. This would result in a win-win situation for both parties.

Match Bonus

The match bonus is another online casino bonus that is most favored by the online casino players. Some casino players even consider this type of bonus as the most attractive ones. Due to the high demand for this type of casino bonus, there are many online casinos that offer the match bonus to their casino members. The match bonus is a bonus whereby the online casino would provide an exact match amount as the money deposited by the online casino players. For example, the casino players that made a $200 deposit into their online casino account would be awarded additional $200 in their gambling account.

Other Online Casino Bonus

Apart from the casino bonuses that are mentioned above, there is also other online casino bonus that casino players may see in the online casino. One of these bonuses would include the reload bonus. The reload bonus is only offered to existing members of the online casino. In the most occasion, the casino members would be able to claim up to 2% -10% on their daily deposit. The percentage is very dependable on how generous is the online casino.
The other casino bonus would be the loyalty bonus. These type of bonus is usually offered only to certain members who have a long history of placing their bets with the online casino.
Apart from the loyalty bonus, the casino players who always place a larger bet will be rewarded the high roller bonus. However, gaining the high roller status would not be easy as the casino players would normally need to have $5000 in their gambling account or have a history of placing a larger bet as high as $1000 per game. The high roller bonus is actually very rewarding but most of the casino players who enjoy simple betting would find it difficult to qualify for the high roller status.
Sticky bonus is the online casino bonus that rewards the online casino players whenever they made a deposit. However, the interesting part of this bonus is that the casino players would not be able to withdraw the additional bonus (sticky bonus) whenever they made a withdrawal from their gambling account. The casino players are still able to withdraw his or her initial deposit and any form of winning while the sticky bonus will remain in the system and cannot be withdrawn. The sticky bonus is usually used to increase the wager for the casino players.


The online casino bonus is very attractive rewards that the casino players would use for their own benefits. Apart from rewarding the online casino players, the online casino bonus is also used for grabbing market share among the online casinos and also to encouraging the land casino players to make the switch to online casino betting. With a wide variety of online casino bonus available, be sure to claim the right online casino bonus that suits your betting style on your next trip to the online casino. 

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