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Online Casino vs. Land-Based Casino

online casino

Casino Malaysia

The casino is a game of the entertainment with the real money. Nowadays, the casino is having a lot of the casino games like the table games, slot games, sportsbook, lottery and so on. The first casino game was found in the ancient of China the game similar to the Sic Bo. And go through the changing of the generation, that’s more and more casino games had found by the people. Slowly people had operated the land-based casino and the growing of technology had found the online casino. Both of the casinos are offering the similar service and same games to the casino players.

Land-Based Casino Malaysia

That’s only one land-based casino in the Malaysia, which called Genting Resort Casino. It is located on the Genting mountain, need to travel uphill to the destination. In the Genting casino, they having a lot of the studios which differentiate with the class of the players and wagering. The casino games including in the Genting Casino have the table games and slot machines. Both of this casino games are their main product of Genting casino and the only. But merely this two casino games, there are enough for the players to enjoy, as in the table games and slot games are having various choices of the games.

Online Casino Malaysia

Online casino is an online version of the casino. It is providing the similar games with the land-based casino did, but the online casino is providing the different services to the member. Merely in the Malaysia, there are more than hundred online gambling sites surrounding. The online casino request the player to download or go to their site enjoy the casino games. Before playing the casino games, the player much signs up an account at the online casino and make a deposit into the account in order to have the credit to place the bet in the games.

Online vs. Land-Based Casino in Malaysia

Everything in the world has their good or bad in some situations, so do online and land casinos.


While playing with the online casino, it will be more convenient than playing in the land-based casino. When you want to go land-based casino in Malaysia, you have to manage a travel up the hill to the Genting Highlands. It will mostly on the time and the petrol. What if you play with the online casino, you are able to play anywhere anytime you like, as long as your device is connected to the internet.
Besides, the online casino games no need to wait for the seat but the land-based casino did. It has the limitation number of seats in the land casino if that’s full house and you have to wait. Unlike the online casino games, just enter the game and start play to win.


When comes to the safety topic. The land casino will be more safety than the online casino. In the land casino, your money able to straight exchange with the dealer face to face. And the change from the chips to money, you just have gone to the counter without giving any information. That’s easy.
Since the growing of technology, the Malaysian internet users had to beware of the internet especially if need to spend more. The internet also has the hackers, that make people scared about it. While playing the online casino games, you have to submit your information and create an account for the gameplay. People are worried about the exploitation of personal data or scammed by the scammer.

Credit Value

In the land casino, when you buy in to change the chips. The chips value will same to the cost you buy in. But with the online casino, when people deposit and they will get more credit than deposit amount. This is called online casino promotion. The land casino won’t offer this types of promotion to the player.
With extra credit on hand, you able to enjoy the games longer. Every online casino will make the higher bonus offer in the welcome bonus or sign up bonus, this is the great opportunity to redeem it from the online casino.

More Options

In the Malaysia, that’s only one land-based casino and they didn’t have many types of the casino games. But that’s a lot of the online casino sites in the Malaysia, which available the players to choose. One of the most famous online casinos in Malaysia is SCR888. Besides, the online casino site is providing various types of the casino games like slot games, live games, sportsbook, lottery, poker and so on. It will be more interesting playing with the online casino games.

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