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SCR888 Ocean King: Have You Tried Fishing For Real Money?

scr888 ocean king

SCR888 Ocean King

SCR888 Ocean King is an 8 player SCR888 Online Casino game with an ocean theme. In SCR888 Ocean King, 8 players enter into a competitive game play, each trying to capture as many fish as possible. The bigger, the better! This is a simple and easy way to understand the concept. However, what are the fishes to get with what type of guns to use are the challenges the players will face during gameplay. And not to mention the bonus play, how often does the mini game features appear?

SCR888 Ocean King features 6 types of control buttons with a joystick to aim and push button controls to shoot and select, vibrant LED display, a large LCD fishing pond in your smartphone screen with improved 3D rendered graphics from the previous versions. The graphics bring each stage and character to life in this vibrant and fast paced fishing game.

What’s There To Fish In SCR888 Ocean King?

SCR888 Ocean King includes seventeen species of fish up for grabs, plus fun crabs for mini games, three JUMBO sized fish and four epic BOSS characters. The aim of the game is for players to use their guns. There are three settings, Normal, Accelerated, and Aim for the Target. Players must catch as many fish as possible within the time frame of the game. The fish characters award players different point values depending on their size and difficulty. Values can also be affected by mini games. The values also have two operator adjustable settings, High Odds, and Low Odds.

The different fish players can catch include, Fugu, Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish. These three are also JUMBO fish. Lionfish, Flying Fish, Spearfish, Lantern Fish, Devilfish, Lobster, Octopus, Sea Turtle, Saw Shark, Shark, Whale King, Killer Whale, and Blazing Dragon. The Boss characters are super tough and are known as the Almighty Octopus, Emperor Crab, Darkness Monster, and Ancient Crocodile.

SCR888 Ocean King Mini-Games

SCR888 Ocean King also features several exciting mini-games. Some of which star the crab characters. Which appear at random throughout the game and include both multiplayer and single player games.

Mini-Games Include:

Drill Crab – when caught, the Drill Crab fires multiple drills around the playfield, giving players more chances to catch fish. After a while, the drill explodes affecting and catching, even more, fish within range.

Super Bomb Crab – catching a Super Bomb Crab will trigger the chained bomb attack in a wide explosion, affecting all fish on the playfield at the time, making them much easier to catch.

Laser Crab – players who catch the Laser Crab will be rewarded with a special Laser Beam weapon for a limited time only. It’s a one shot weapon though, so use it wisely!

Vortex Fish – catching one of the following fish will trigger the Vortex effect and suck all the other fish of its kind on the playfield into a whirlpool: Flying Fish, Lionfish, Lantern Fish, Clown Fish, Spearfish, Butterfly Fish, Flatfish, Fugu, Lobster, Octopus, Sea Turtle, and Saw Shark.

Lightning Chain – catching one of the following fish will trigger the lightning chain effect and start catching other fish automatically until it runs out: Clown Fish, Flying Fish, Butterfly Fish, Lionfish, Fugu, Flatfish, Spearfish, Lobster, and Octopus. Players receive the value of all fish caught.

Fire Storm – is a one player game awarded at random, in which the player will receive a flamethrower that causes extreme damage to fish and multiplies their values. The weapon is available for a limited time only. Though players can also obtain additional time and multiply their score during the game.

Golden Treasures – this multiplayer game gives players a special searchlight to look for the Imperial Whale and the Golden Fish. Catching these fish will award high scores to players. They may also get a roulette treasure box that adds in or multiplies the total scores.


SCR888 Ocean King is the next level video fishing game in SCR888 Online Casino. It builds on the elements that have made this type of game so popular. SCR888 Ocean King, like its competitors, is a high earning video fishing game in SCR888 Online Casino. It’s fun for players of all skill levels!


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